There are several key issues that need to be considered for one to be a successful manager. These key issues affect the management and leadership which will also mean company failure. The companies need to grow together with the employees, but mostly managers forget importance of the employees.

The most key issues affecting the management and leadership are

  1. Bulling – It is still taboo to talk about bullying which start from the childhood. Most of the employees are bullied by their colleagues and the managers fail to understand that. I have met with several employees who told that they are bullied by their colleague and the managers also play a role by blaming them for anything that goes wrong in the company.
  2. Balance between work and life – most of the people carry the job matters to home and vice versa. The work and life outside need to be separated when employees feel unappreciated they get burnout due to stress and if they do not know how to tackle it, it will affect their life as well.
  3. Poor customer service- good management means good services. If the employees are treated the customers will be served properly and the company get benefit, good name more customers and also more profit .If not the result will be poor customer services.
  4. Fear of changes – people by nature fear changes and they never trust what they do not know and the entrepreneur means doing all it takes to make things work which including changes. If you employee a manager that want to remain in one place and never allow any changes , this simply means no prosperity.
  5. Favouring – It is common that certain people are not employed because of their cultural, race or religious background. If you never give a human being like you a chance to work so that his/her to feed his her family, your company will face brain drain because diversity means prosperity and growth.


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