Jamal Malik

Transformation Coach – Inspiration leader- Mind leader – Keynote speaker

– I will help you discover what sabotage you from enjoying success you have work so hard for due to stress, lack of time and energy. You will have more time for yourself and family enjoying your success; have fun doing your job 24/7 with full energy.

Become enlighten leader

– I will create for you a Crystal clear vision , uncover hidden challenges that hold you from identifying your goal. You leave the session with renewed , reenergized and ready to get started


I have worked with many different people from all over the globe here in the Netherlands. Some are contract workers from abroad working in the Netherlands. I started as a running coach and it all went to mental coach because these people needed it so badly. They need to be motivated after a long day of boring meeting and conferences which lowered their self-esteem.

Some of these people are senior managers and directors which most people regard them as people who have it all in life. After doing for years and graduated from the University as Master of Science. I decide to pursue further following my passion which is coaching.

I follow training’s to become coach and here I am now ready to transform your life for better together with you. Let’s do it together.